a rare bit of hollywood glamour for me

25th Mar 2018

Much as I love telly - and I am PASSIONATE about British TV in particular - it's always a bit of a thrill to interview a proper, bona fide Hollywood star. Last year I got to chat to Renee Zellweger for the new Bridget Jones film. She was *very* Hollywood but that's not a bad thing. I also talked to her British co-stars, Sally Phillips and Sarah Solemani, who were smart, funny, and opinionated - I had a big girl crush on both.


18th Mar 2018

It was my absolute pleasure to attend the Broadcasting Press Guild awards this week - and meet some serious TV heroes.

Jack Whitehall presents Big Brother's Little Brother


18th Mar 2018

Recognise this cheeky little up-and-coming comedian? I stumbled across this screen grab in my picture library the other day and it made me laugh out loud. Click here to find out who it is!

Simon Amstell with blood on his face to promote his film Carnage

In praise of Simon Amstell (or how he convinced me to give up eating meat)

18th Feb 2018

TV is a very powerful medium. It can make us laugh, or cry, or both. And it can actually be quite life-changing. I watched just seven minutes of Simon Amstell's film Carnage and haven't eaten a forkful of meat since.

Me taking part in the ITV gameshow Cannonball presented by Freddie Flintoff

Is ITV's new gameshow Cannonball even more dangerous than The Jump?

3rd Sep 2017

I was lucky enough to be flown to Malta to take part in ITV's new gameshow, Cannonball, this summer. Or WAS I lucky? Read my blog to find out exactly what happened when I was a guinea pig on the dreaded 'blob' game - complete with gory pictures of the aftermath....

Why Peter Capaldi is the best Doctor Who

18th Aug 2017

As we prepare to wave farewell to Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who this Christmas, I have a small tale to tell about my encounter with him. He is my favourite Doctor Who of all time - and it probably isn't for the reasons you think.

What I learned about Noel Fielding from watching Taskmaster

15th Jul 2017

Chances are, Bake Off fans, you don't know all that much about the new presenter Noel Fielding. Even for Mighty Boosh fans, he's always been fairly elusive when it comes to interviews. But fear not - because Noel was recently on Dave's brilliant show Taskmaster, and it gave us a brilliant glimpse into his character.

Click here to find out more about the God-like genius that is Noel

Made in Chelsea

30th Aug 2016

I'm not generally much of a reality TV fan but I have a massive soft spot for Made in Chelsea. Don't ask me why - they are utterly objectionable, but it just amuses me! I organised their most glamorous ever shoot in LA...

I interviewed all the Love Islanders and my favourite was...

30th Aug 2016

ITV very kindly ask me to interview the Love Islanders every year (in London, sadly - we do the press day a few days before they fly off to Majorca). Here are the fruits of my labour - and click to find out who was my favourite.