I was chucking out an old Sky box the other day and thought I'd just have a quick look first to see if there was anything decent on there. And lo and behold, I had recorded an old episode of Big Brother's Little Brother featuring me as a guest - and a very, very fresh and young Jack Whitehall before he was famous. 


Doesn't he look cute? I also remember seeing him as the 'warm-up' comedian for James Corden's short-lived sketch show, Horne and Corden - and I remember thinking he had a very bright future indeed. Jack is, of course, a huge star now, a serious actor, and a writer too. I've met him a few times over the years and he is utterly charming, very funny, and quite sweetly shy. So I'll forgive him for the fact I felt absolutely ANCIENT when I found this clip! 

(incidentally - don't you LOVE all the angry faces behind Jack in the audience? God knows what we were discussing!)