I interviewed all the Love Islanders and my favourite was...

ITV very kindly ask me to interview the Love Islanders every year (in London, sadly - we do the press day a few days before they fly off to Majorca).
Below are the fruits of my labour - mini chats that go into a press pack that ITV then distribute to all the newspapers, magazines, online news and entertainment sites, to use as they see fit.

It's always fun to guess who the stars of the show are going to be, but it's hard to tell. For most of them, it's their first every time in front of a journalist, and they can be a bit nervous, bless them. So, I'm happy to admit I didn't clock the Chris and Kem phenomenon.
But, if you're interested, my favourite this year from the initial line-up was.... Marcel! He was SO charming.
Roll on summer 2018....

How it looked in print